"He was worth the money spent."

"James Sexton did an excellent job for me in my divorce. He always returned my phones and was patient with me in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. What I found most appealing about him was his brutal honesty about my situation, what I could expect to be awarded and his accessibility. When I had a disagreement concerning visitation crop up after business hours on a Friday night I was able to reach him personally and he settled the issue for me.

Divorce is difficult and painful. Mr. Sexton is acutely aware of this fact and doesn't make it worse by promising to get his clients everything they want. That is not reality and I personally appreciated his honesty in this regard. I didn't want to be promised the moon and the stars by my attorney. I wanted an honest professional who would work hard and explain the process to me every step of the way. Mr. Sexton did exactly that. Was he the "cheapest" lawyer in Rockland? No. But he was worth the money spent."

- M. Jane

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