"I was in good hands from day one."

"My divorce was, without question, one of the most difficult experiences of my life. After I learned my husband was cheating I was crushed and didn't know how I would put the pieces back together again. Thankfully a friend referred me to James Sexton and he and the other attorneys and members of his staff helped me do it.

"All of the attorneys in Jim's office (but particularly Jim) are incredibly driven and hardworking. They get in early and leave late. They return all calls within 24 hours and make sure nothing 'slips through the cracks'. I used to joke with my friends about the "Sexton Rapid Response Team" and even my (now) ex-husband commented about how quickly issues were addressed and how he felt like the Sexton firm was "on top of him" from day one of our case.

"My divorce was a very difficult time and Jim and his team couldn't make it "easy" but having attorneys I could trust and who clearly respected me and listened to me made it a lot easier. I was stunned to read two negative reviews of Jim and the "young attorneys" who work for him as my experience was the total opposite. I felt like I was in good hands from day one and the results I obtained speak for themselves.

"There are less expensive lawyers out there. There are older and more experienced lawyers out there. I don't recommend my friends to those lawyers. I recommend Jim Sexton and the rest of his team (Peter and Evan) to anyone and everyone."

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"A life line for my family."

"I had a difficult and complex child custody case involving Parents, Grand Parents and Step Parents. There were elements of violence, child abduction, money theft and a host of criminal activity.

During this dark and difficult time, Jim Sexton was a life line for my family. I have called upon Mr. Sexton in the day, night, evening, weekend and during a holiday or two. Every call and every question was answered with a thoughtful and meaningful response. Sunday meetings, emergency court sessions, whatever it took to keep my children safe, Jim Sexton was there."

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"His name and reputation are sterling."

"Foremost, Mr. Sexton knows his work. Why is this imperative? Because he's not wasting time with his nose in the books on MY dime exploring case law trying to learn what he should already know. I went through that with a previous attorney I had to let go. Family law is his specialty.

His name and reputation are sterling - I knew from the first meeting that I could breathe and that my interests and those of my child, no matter how great the opposing incendiary, would be looked after to the best of Mr. Sexton's power. I was not just another number, not just another billable hour to him. Though ever the consummate professional, he treated me as though I was his ONLY client. He was proactive, prepared, and always accessible to me.

I was scared, anxious, etc. as anyone would be in my position... Mr. Sexton alleviated my fears by imparting his knowledge and making me feel that I was protected and prepared as anyone could possibly be in my situation. I was lucky to have that kind of empowerment. Very, very lucky."

- Hilary

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"I would never recommend anyone else."

"I could not bear the thought of dealing with a divorce and custody battle when my husband and I separated. When Mr. Sexton was recommended to me by two of my close friends as 'the one to have on my side,' I knew I had to meet him. I was scared to death about going through a nasty battle with my husband. 

Mr. Sexton was kind, compassionate, thorough and explained every aspect of what I had to do and what he would be doing to ensure not only my future was secure, but my children would be protected as well. 

When everything was settled, I could not have been happier with the outcome. I even have a decent relationship with my ex, which is great for our kids. 

Mr. Sexton understands that divorce is never easy, but he has the experience to walk anyone through the process smoothly and with as little pain as possible. I would never recommend anyone else for handling a divorce with or without children involved. You cannot go wrong retaining Mr. James J. Sexton."

- Debra DePalma

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"A sympathetic attorney with an incredible legal arsenal."

"The day I caught my wife cheating on me was the worst day of my life. I met with several attorneys that wanted to charge me exorbitant retainers. It was clear to me that they were trying to take advantage of my vulnerable state.

I met with Mr. Sexton and I could not have possibly been happier with the results. He is a caring and sympathetic attorney with an incredible legal arsenal at his disposal. I would give him my highest possible recommendations."

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"He was worth the money spent."

"James Sexton did an excellent job for me in my divorce. He always returned my phones and was patient with me in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. What I found most appealing about him was his brutal honesty about my situation, what I could expect to be awarded and his accessibility. When I had a disagreement concerning visitation crop up after business hours on a Friday night I was able to reach him personally and he settled the issue for me.

Divorce is difficult and painful. Mr. Sexton is acutely aware of this fact and doesn't make it worse by promising to get his clients everything they want. That is not reality and I personally appreciated his honesty in this regard. I didn't want to be promised the moon and the stars by my attorney. I wanted an honest professional who would work hard and explain the process to me every step of the way. Mr. Sexton did exactly that. Was he the "cheapest" lawyer in Rockland? No. But he was worth the money spent."

- M. Jane

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"I have never met a nicer lawyer."

"Trustworthy and Helpful above and beyond the call of duty. James Sexton Helped my Wife and I with a very complicated prenuptial. She is a foreign national and we were under time pressure from the US government to get married before she lost her visa, and pressure from both of our (crazy) families. 

"Mr. Sexton initially tried to recommend us to another lawyer because he had a full case load at the time and we needed the paperwork done fast. He was highly recommended by a friend of mine and I was very nervous so he said he would help us. He worked overtime for us and never went over his initial estimate even though he worked late into the night for us. 

"I have never met a nicer lawyer."

- Jesse

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"Never have I met anyone so knowledgable."

"James is an incredible family lawyer! He was there at every step to assist and explain (never have I met anyone so knowledgeable). Most of all I found Jim to be considerate of all of my needs. He met every ethical expectation and at the same time I always felt that Jim was on my side. Jim is a rare find, I could never ask for better representation, thank you Jim!"


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