"He has your back."

"I'm not sure where I'd be without Jim Sexton. He handled my divorce and, as difficult a time as that was for me emotionally, psychologically, and financially, he helped me get to the other side so that I was in the best place I could be, given the circumstances - way better, financially, than I thought I ever would be. He just knew things about the law that the opposing counsel did not. He was always totally prepared. He handled my calls and listened to my concerns - though he was not shy to point out when he thought I was doing something that would only satisfy my short-term spite while sacrificing my (and my kids) long-term best interests. He was always thinking about the big picture - the rest of my life still ahead of me - even when I didn't. Because I couldn't.

"There are some decisions you make where, when you look back, you realize how different things would have been had you gone another way. Showing up at Jim's office and then choosing him (though it was hardly a choice - I could tell right away he was the guy) was THE best marriage-related decision I made in the last five years (even though it had to do with the dissolution of my marriage). He is never lost at sea and you always feel that he has your back.

I cannot recommend him highly enough."

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