"Straightforward, honest, and compassionate"

"Words can't express how pleased I am with the service that was provided to me by Jim Sexton. His team at the Law Offices of James J. Sexton were exceptional.

I had the pleasure of working personally with Mr. Sexton, and I found him to be straight forward, honest, and compassionate. Anyone dealing with a situation like divorce and custody issues that requires an attorney knows how trying, nerve racking the process can be, but he was able to help keep my mind at ease at such a difficult and stressful time. He was a steadfast advocate for me in court and I’m very pleased with the outcome of my case.  

Professional, dedicated, and fierce are the words I would use to describe Mr. Sexton. I would highly recommend him to any of my loved ones."

- Laura

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"Rock solid attorney."

"Mr. Sexton did a stellar job on a very difficult case.

My ex decided to hire a quasi-famous "Johnny Cochran"-type who had the rhymes, the cunning, and frankly, the bending of ethical standards in his approach to law. James did not crack under this extreme pressure, and through his knowledge of many past cases, managed to let my ex's attorney box himself into a corner and then all-but-abandon ship.

James is a serious, creative, and clever man. I could swear he lives by Sun-Tzu and Machiavelli in the force and relentlessness he put forth in destroying my ex-wife's attempts at smearing me. The proof is in the pudding, and my experience with him was quite tasty."

- William Barnes

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I was treated like a close friend or family."

"Jim Sexton was recommended to me by a friend who who had some friends who are attorneys. So essentially he was recommended by other attorneys. I knew going in that I was going to have a difficult divorce even if everything as Jim said was 'black and white'. As Jim and his team found out I was correct.

"TEAM... that is what I was lucky enough to hire. Even though it is James Sexton's law practice, it was evident that he has a great team as well. At no time did I feel I could not contact Jim directly or any one of his team.

"I was always told how well things would go, but I was not promised a pot of gold. I was given honest answers and expectations in my case. Communication was excellent and always got quick responses if I had any questions. Copies of communications were always given to me to keep me informed and to make sure my opinions were listened to. 

"Personally, I was treated not like a client, but more like a close friend or family. I can't tell you how often I would be in a poor mental or emotional state only to have Jim or his team give me a pick me up. These are things that go beyond just being an excellent attorney, but truly show how much Jim cares about his clients. I am an average person who wound up in horrible circumstances and made the best decision to hire Jim and his team to help make things better. I must add one more thing....If you have kids that are involved, I can't recommend Jim Sexton any higher. He puts a premium on making sure that kids matter and are not used, period. 
I give James Sexton my highest recommendation and hold him in the highest regard, as an attorney and a person."

- Jim

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"My friends thank me for the referral."

"James Sexton was my divorce attorney in 2008, he was professional and fair and encouraged dignified and courteous exchanges with the opposite party. He was ready to battle if it was warranted but never pushed to make things more egregious. 

"I referred James Sexton many times since, and my friends thank me for the referral. Nothing but stellar service!!!"

- Sarah McNitt

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"Best family court attorney Rockland has to offer"

"Highly recommend. Expert negotiator, skilled attorney, knows the court room. 

I've been to every-other Family Court Attorney in the county, James Sexton was the only one who took control of major issues and delivered results. I started my divorce 8 years prior to hiring James. Three High Profile attorneys cleaned out my bank account and I still was not divorced, and had a stock pile of unresolved issues.

Things changed with Sexton on my side. Divorce settled quickly, Problems were resolved. Continues to have my back and has turned things around many times.

James Sexton is an outstanding attorney, I'd have non other by my side in the court room. Best of all, he actually cares."

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"Quintessential professional."

"Mr. Sexton was recommended to me by a physician friend to handle a very contentious divorce. I had consulted two others before securing him to handle what turned into a very long, arduous process because of a highly adversarial and vindictive opposition. 

"A complex divorce is a ship floating on the murkiest of waters.....Mr. Sexton and his entire team led me carefully and were of solid comfort as they settled my life affairs. I am grateful."

- Marguerite Cecelia Farnspeck

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Accessible and compassionate

"I was in a terrible frame of mind when I met Mr. Sexton. Scared, confused, with no idea how or where to start.

Within moments, I was at ease and felt like I could face the daunting tasks ahead of me and my family. He made the process more than bearable. He was considerate but gave me it to me straight. I was never shocked or worried during any stage of my divorce. He was always there to prepare me for what was going to happen and was never wrong.

I could not imagine how I would have made it threw without Mr. Sexton's council. I highly recommend Mr. Sexton and his team for their professionalism and deep compassion for my entire family. No one wants to go through a divorce, but if you do, this is the man you want on your side."

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"I felt confident from start to finish"

My father said when choosing the right person for the job always pick the guy who is busy. If he doesn't have time to waste he will not waste yours! If he isn't busy he has nothing but time. I felt confident from start to finish when he said he would get back to me he or his staff did! He didn't hold my hand he did his job, and did it above expectation. There should be a picture of him in the Oxford dictionary next to professional.

- Robert Casey

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"Helpful at all times"

"I can honestly say that working with Jim has been a very pleasant experience as divorce isn't an easy situation. The staff was very helpful at all times and were always available to provide information upon request. The process was very smooth and very fast. Someone I had recommended also went through a divorce process with Jim and feels the same way.

I will definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who may be looking for these services. Thanks a million!"

- Jenny

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"I could not have survived my divorce without him."

"Jim helped me back in is early days as new attorney. He was thorough and took his time explaining things to me. I could not have survived my divorce without him.

He has continued to help me over the years and I recommend him to everyone I know who could benefit from his expertise. I am currently working with Jim and he still makes time to explain everything thoroughly even when I am certain he has more pressing things he is working on. He is professional at all times, yet brings a sense of "normalcy" to your situation.

You are not alone when working with Jim. He takes his job seriously and includes you in all decision making. Without hesitation I give Jim a rating of Excellent!"

- Merle

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"He took the time to listen"

"When I had to file for my divorce I didn't know where to start. Finding a reliable, honest and dedicated attorney is not an easy task. The process itself can be as tiresome, complicated and confusing.

James Sexton put my mind at ease by clearly explaining my options and providing sound legal advice on how to proceed—always mindful of the children involved. I felt from the very first meeting with him that he wanted to protect me as his client and defend my rights. He took the time to listen to all my concerns and provided honest, straightforward answers. He explained to me the things that could go wrong and the things that could go right.

James did everything in his power to complete my case with the sole purpose of saving me as much money as possible and making sure I would be happy with the outcome."


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"Expert negotiator"

"Jim far exceeded my expectations. I had met with a few boring, self-interested 'older' lawyers who put me to sleep so when I met with Jim I was instantly blown away by his talent, passion and knowledge.

"He's extremely charismatic and always makes sure to explain complicated legal jargon so you completely understand it- he often uses great analogies that also make you laugh to lighten the seriousness of the situation.

"Jim always made time to answer my phone calls and emails and we often scheduled time to chat more in depth on nights and weekends. He is very committed and passionate and truly throws himself into his work.

"Most importantly he is an expert negotiator and an extremely likable person who seems to always get his way. I loved having Jim in my corner and wouldn't look anywhere else for legal advice in the future. He is truly a 'Must Hire!'"

- Blake

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