Laugh Your A** Off During the New York Comedy Fest with These Tragic Clowns

If there’s anything I learned during my brief middle school jaunt as an ac-TOR, it’s that one must balance drama with comedy to delight an audience. That’s what those happy/sad masks meant right? Let’s say yes. Divorces can certainly be drama filled, so it’s a great idea to balance out all that turmoil with some chuckles. And seeing as it’s the New York Comedy Festival this week, this is a great time to highlight some of my favorite comics and their takes on divorce and breakups. Some language in the clips below is NSFW! You’ve been warned!

Up first is of course Louis CK. He has frequently declared his very positive take on divorce, even going so far as to claim that divorce was the greatest part of his life. In the clip below, hear him explain,“Marriage is just a larva stage for true happiness — which is divorce.”

Kathy Griffin went through a really rotten divorce not too long ago, full of awful accusations and sad details. But Kathy chose to see the brighter, or at least funnier side to it all. Watch the clip below to hear about how she had to break the news to her parents, after People did.

You might not be familiar with British comic Simon Amstell, but you should be. His sardonic take on all of life’s bleak events is as hilarious as it is depressing. In the clip below he discusses his new life alone, which is not going great.

If you’re not watching Please Like Me what are you doing with your life? Getting yard work done and spending time with your kids? Fair enough. Below is PLM’s creator and star Josh Thomas talking about his parents’ recent divorce. He’s taking it pretty well, though he is annoyed there’s no custody battle over him.

my Schumer, current queen of everything, has got a ton of funny bits about relationships. My favorite though is the “My Dream Breakup” sketch, a take on all those WE and TLC party planning shows.

ylan Moran, best known as the curmudgeon from Black Books has a lot of complaints about the world and he explores a lot of them in his stand up. In the clip below he reinvents the old “it’s not you, it’s me” trope.

Josie Long’s new show Cara Josephine is all about heartbreak. This isn’t the best clip from that stand up, but we are bound by what the elders of the internet upload, and this is all they’ve given us. Watch Josie contemplate love at the wrong airport.

Remember, no matter how rough your divorce or break up is, it is but a season of your life, and it will pass. In fact, let’s end this piece with Mr. Chuck Esterly from Cincinnati who proves no matter what life throws your way, it’s never too late to try new things and keep laughing.

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James J. Sexton