Colin Dunnigan




With piercing blue eyes and a commanding presence, Colin J. Dunnigan, Esq., appears more of a future president than a matrimonial attorney.  However, it is his quick wit, charming attitude and trusting demeanor that have earned him the respect of clients, judges and adversaries in his short, but celebrated career as a legal advocate. 

In 2016, after several years directly under the tutelage of Founding Partner, James J. Sexton, Esq., Colin J. Dunnigan, Esq. was elevated to the position of Partner, the first Partner in the firm's 17 year history.

Whether advocating in the courtroom or negotiating at a conference table, Mr. Dunnigan enjoys the challenge of being at his best at all times.  Divorce and Family Law requires the flexibility to respond and react in a manner befitting each client’s needs.  At times he may have to argue vigorously and passionately for relief, while at other times he needs to approach a case from a result driven mind-set in order to achieve a lasting settlement.  He has thrived professionally in this environment and has successfully litigated hundreds of cases related to Divorce and Family Law.  Mr. Dunnigan believes that every person is entitled to zealous advocacy and takes that right seriously. He is honored to be a voice for persons who may otherwise go unheard.

As Partner in the firm, Colin J. Dunnigan, Esq. oversees Mr. Sexton’s team of hand-picked associates, affectionately known as "The War Machine."  In 2015, while Senior Associate at the office, Mr. Dunnigan was quoted as saying, “We like to call it peace through superior firepower.  We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as litigators that, in and of itself, causes the other side to take pause and consider early settlement.”

Mr. Dunnigan majored in Philosophy and minored Classical Civilization at Fordham University, where he graduated in 2007.  He worked in the banking and investment industries before finding his calling for the law and commencing his legal studies and career.  He graduated from Pace Law School in 2013.  During his time at Pace Law, Mr. Dunnigan interned at the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office and for the Honorable William K. Nelson of the Rockland County Criminal Court. 

Mr. Dunnigan resides in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two young sons. In his free time, Mr. Dunnigan enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, including hunting for monsters with his 2 year old.